Teen disguises brussels sprouts as tasty snacks to stop sister eating her food

Sculpture student Tatum Parden decided to get the best revenge on her sister who wouldn’t stop eating her snacks – by turning ‘disgusting’ brussels sprouts into chocolate-dipped strawberries

A sneaky teen has come up with a crafty way to stop her sister from scoffing all her tasty treats – by transforming raw vegetables including chillies, Brussels sprouts and onions into delicious-looking snacks like doughnuts and biscuits. What an evil genius.

Tatum Parden, a sculpture student from London, grew fed up of her sister stealing all her carefully selected snacks from the fridge in their family home.

So, the teen decided to put her artistic talents to good use, by turning brussels sprouts and chillies into delicious looking chocolate-dipped strawberries – or so it may seem.

“I started making the food thief creations because I was trying to think of a solution to stop my sister stealing my snacks from the fridge,” the 19-year-old said.

“She used to take my chocolate-dipped strawberries of mine so that gave me my first idea for the Brussel sprout.”

Tatum has shared footage of her painstakingly designing the crafty treats on TikTok, including a spicy chilli which became a Bourbon biscuit and a raw onion modelled into a ring doughnut. It really is the kind of thing nightmares are made of.

“I haven’t been able to catch any of my friends out yet because they all see my videos before I get the chance but my dad was tricked by the raw onion doughnut when he got home from work. Fortunately he didn’t bite down on the doughnut but he saw it out on the table and thought it was real so I had to stop him,” she explained.

“Any food that’s left out on the table where I work is immediately considered suspicious so I don’t think anyone in my house would actually eat them without cutting it open first. However my friends have tried some of the creations knowing what they’re made of and labelled them ‘disgusting’ which is fair enough.”

While the sneaky snacks might seem like the perfect form of revenge, each individual item takes an entire day to make – but they do say revenge is a dish best served cold.

“The longest was two days but that’s because I had to wait a long time between sculpting and painting because the sprout inside was leaking water into the modelling chocolate and I had to wait for it to dry,” Tatum said.

“The hardest part of the process is getting a good food dye colour match so I can make the food sculptures look as realistic as I can.

“My favourite so far is the raw onion doughnut because I think it’s the most realistic one and I enjoyed sculpting it.

“The one with the best reception was the Brussels sprouts strawberry, lots of people were arguing in the comments about whether or not brussels sprouts are disgusting.”

Tatum’s videos have been viewed more than 20 million times with commenters calling it ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ and that ‘they’d fight anyone who fed them’ her creations.

“I would fight and no longer speak to anyone if they fed me this,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “It’s all fun and games until you forget you did this and you eat them yourself.”

“This is cruel and unusual punishment,” a third added, while a fourth joked: “I’m sorry if I had bitten into that, you and I would have had to fight.”